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Studio Photography:

Studio photoshoots are designed to showcase each dancers' style and strengths. We work closely with dancers to help transform dance as a 3D artform into stuning 2 dimensional images. With Rebecca's extensive posing and dancing experiance and Patrick's technical knowledge, our sessions become personalised private lessons or workshops, where dancers learn to promote themselves as artists and build confidence while creating images that capture lasting memories within their dancing journey. We have many different studio photoshoot options to suit any customer.

- Private/Memory Capturing

- Audition/Portfolio Building

- Promotional/Advertising Images

- Dance School Photoday Mini Shoots

Please use the "Contact" Section to get in touch with us.

On-Stage Photography:

Capturing onstage images is both an honor and a privilege for us. We deeply appreciate the countless hours of preparation that dancers, teachers, parents, and costume makers invest to ensure each performance is stage-ready. Our goal is to capture the essence of these performances, preserving the magic and energy brought to the stage. Simultaneously, we pay close attention to technique, ensuring that the resulting images are something the dancers will always be proud of.

- Competition Photography

- Show/Recital Photography

- High School NCEA Performances

- Cultural Dance Occasions

If your Dance School, High School or Local Dance Competition would like us to capture your performances, please reach out to us.

Location Photoshoots:

Location Photoshoots offer a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of New Zealand alongside the artistry of dance and creative movement. Before each photoshoot, we scout locations to maximise every moment of the precious shoot time. Our skilled team collaborates closely with dancers, blending the dance technique seamlessly with the chosen location's composition. While we have a selection of stunning locations around Christchurch where we've previously shot, we're also open to recommendations or requests for locations with special meaning to the dancer. Some of our favourite locations are:

If this is you might be interested in, we would love to hear from you and what locations you might like to visit.

Dance Videography:

Videography is a remarkable opportunity to capture the artistry, story, and personality of dancers, whether it's in a performance, audition video, dancer showreel, creative advertising, or concept video. We collaborate closely with dancers, choreographers, and teachers to bring their vision to life. Our open and collaborative approach ensures that we achieve the results you're after. These video opportunities are incredibly special and can be captured in any location, allowing us to tailor each production to suit your unique needs and aspirations. 

- New Brighton Sunrise

- Port Hills Sunset

- Sumner Beach Caves

- Botanical Gardens

- Dance Competition Videography

- Show/Recital Videography

- Audition Show Reels

- Creative Concept Videos

- Promotional Videos

If you have a video project in mind, we would love to sit down with you to discuss further.

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